The Journey From Supply Chain to CEO


For the past century, most CEOs in large corporations have come from the functional areas of finance, marketing, or sales.

About two decades ago a new trend, of cross-functional CEOs, mainly from the area of strategy emerged. Most of them came from strategy consulting companies such as McKinsey, BCG or Bain.

However, in the past few years, a new breed of CEOs, from another cross-functional area – supply chain management, have emerged. Tim Cook of Apple was just one of the most famous ones. You have to ask yourself the reason for this new trend, and how you can make use of this trend to your benefit.

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The Journey From Supply Chain to CEO

Not every supply chain manager will make it to the rank of CEO of his company, or any other company. In fact, in their most honest moments, most supply chain professionals express happiness and relief if they pass an entire day without being shouted at by sales, finance, marketing or the CEO.

However, there is another rare breed of supply chain professionals who take their role on the front foot. Many of them are on their path to the role of CEO within their own company, or some other company. This report is intended for those people so that rather than find their paths by trial and error, they can see a clear path forward.

Every board director today would know a good lawyer from a bad one. Similarly, they would easily distinguish a good accountant from a bad one. Very few, if any, board director today would know a good supply chain, from a bad one. Yet, the impact of supply chain skill set on the company performance is far deeper than any of the other skill sets.

Having taken this journey alongside a number of our clients in the past two decades, we have identified the biomarkers that distinguish a successful path from a one that leads to nowhere. If you are curious about the journey, or want to start on your own journey, consider getting this report as a start. While there are no guarantees in life, it may turn out to be one of the best investments your company ever made.

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