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What is supply chain inflation? What is its impact on consumer prices? 
From defining supply chain inflation to successfully designing a supply chain strategy to recognize and adjust operating plans according to the change in market conditions. The objective of this Masterclass is to understand the inflation-disruption cycle so that resilient, cloud-based supply chains can help mitigate these effects 


scope of Impact of Inflation on Supply Chain

The Impact of Inflation In Supply Chain to successfully build and implement strategies that Drive Success

Learning Goals of the Masterclass On
impact of inflation in supply chain


Understanding the scope of supply chain inflation


Understand how to establish a supply chain plan considering the market conditions


Understanding the impact of inflation on supply chain

Masterclass on impact of inflation
in supply Chain - Course Highlights

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Why Learn on impact of inflation in Supply Chain?

Become Pro-Active in Applying the impact of inflation to your supply chain

Each one of the five flows of the supply chain can be augmented with the application of impact of inflation.  

And, the possibilities, as well as the impact of the impact of inflation in supply chain, is only going to grow. 

Be In Demand

The top MNCs offer a wide range of opportunities to supply chain intelligence experts. No wonder the average salary for these roles continues to grow every year.

The skill for the future

As supply chains become automated, AI enhanced and data driven, the skills acquired in this course will assist you in the rest of your career for a long time to come. 


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Supply Chain Executive Training By Global Supply Chain Group
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Supply Chain Executive Training By Global Supply Chain Group
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What exactly is covered in the masterclass
on impact of inflation in supply chain ?

There is an uneven rise in inflation rates around the globe. 
As global supply chains are interconnected, when one price increases, others follow. Globally, rising labour, energy, and transportation costs are contributing to inflation, which is impacting many resources required to deliver products and services. 
What caused this increase in inflation? Continued supply chain disruptions are a major cause of inflation, but high inflation only makes the situation worse. 

In this regard, Global Supply Chain Group has come with a MASTERCLASS to address the challenges and questions such as:

What are the effects of inflation on supply chain?

How are companies responding to inflation in these times?

What do you mean by greenflation?

We can add a few more pain points later on

Masterclass on impact of inflation
in supply Chain - Course Highlights

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Who should attend?

The Masterclass is intended for consultants, supply chain and logistics professionals who wish to develop their analytical skills. 
For the C-level Executives who want an edge in their careers in today’s evolving market place. 

supply chain logistics professionals and C-level Executives

Supply Chain Managers And Aspiring Managers

Supply Chain Consultants And Aspiring Consultants

Supply Chain Presidents And Aspiring CEOs

What makes our masterclass most suitable for supply chain professionals?

For Supply Chain, and other, leaders who want to assure that their companies systematically derive the maximum benefits from their supply chain eco-systems, and who do not want to leave their careers to chance, MASTERCLASS WITH GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN is the best choice. 


Nothing in this masterclass will be available  on google, or indeed anywhere else on  internet, or in books. Yet it will be all  immensely useful to you, and no use to  anyone else. You will be provided with a platform where you can bring in challenges from your workplace to be addressed and to gain insight from the instructors.  It is the singular masterclass that supply chain professionals will ever need.


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Recognized masterclass on impact of inflation in supply chain Certification

Global Supply Chain Group has been conducting in-house training of supply chain managers, executives and analysts for over 22 years. So a certificate from Global Supply Chain Group is recognized everywhere.

FAQ's on Masterclass on impact of inflation in Supply Chain

Inflation and disruption are driving massive supply chain changes. The cycle of rising inflation requires a combination of new technologies and retraining. As a result, supply chains become more resilient through the combination of human ingenuity and technological innovation. 

Global Supply Chain Group started off with major supply chain transformation projects for a global industrial corporation, and over the course of two decades and over 400 projects, we have deeply scrutinised more than 4,000 global players comprising supply chains of almost every industry in every part of this globe. Our collaboration partners are important, and share our ethos. 

Yes, you will. 

  1. Our masterclasses are distinctive because:

    1. Focus on the topic at hand
    2. Practical bend – emphasis on supply chain management, rather than on logistics, or procurement, or any of the other diverse components of SCM
    3. Opportunity to learn from the recognised global masters in the topic who have actually worked in the arena for a minimum of two decades.
    4. Executive orientation – not a student perspective
    5.  Conveniently purposeful, and self-paced.  

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