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What is the significance of artificial intelligence in Supply chain? How is it affecting the modern supply chain and logistics? 
From defining Artificial intelligence (AI) to successfully implementing strategies to adopt it, this Masterclass is designed to help you use AI to improve productivity, ensure accurate supply chain management, reduce operations cost and enhance safety. 


scope of artificial intelligence In supply chain

artificial intelligence In Supply Chain to successfully build and implement strategies that Drive Success

Learning Goals of the Masterclass On
artificial intelligence in supply chain


Understanding the scope of Supply Chain artificial intelligence


Understanding the significance of Artificial intelligence in Supply Chain


Understand the risks & limitations of implementing Supply Chain artificial intelligence

Masterclass on artificial intelligence
in supply Chain - Course Highlights

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Why Learn artificial intelligence in Supply Chain?

Become Pro-Active in Applying artificial intelligence to your supply chain

Each one of the five flows of the supply chain can be augmented with the application of artificial intelligence.  

And, the possibilities, as well as the impact of artificial intelligence in supply chain, is only going to grow. 

Be In Demand

The top MNCs offer a wide range of opportunities to supply chain intelligence experts. No wonder the average salary for these roles continues to grow every year.

The skill for the future

As supply chains become automated, AI enhanced and data driven, the skills acquired in this course will assist you in the rest of your career for a long time to come. 


As a fast growing company in bio-sciences arena with a global supply chain we need to outsource a lot of our activity.This book is a breath of fresh air which handles outsourcing in a totally new way–with a strategic perspective.As a ceo,I encourage my staff to take strategic perspective to outsourcing.This book will help me do that even more.
Tinku Grewal
CEO/Director, Biotech Pharma Group
This practical, readable book addresses one of today’s most significant supply chain challenges:how to get the most from outsourcing.The book provides important insights to ensure more effective results.
Supply Chain Executive Training By Global Supply Chain Group
Tim Coltman
Business Strategist and founder
Want to know how a giant like red bull became a raging success...!!! Then eaves drop on red bull and hundreds of other household names as they outsmart and out profit the competition by out-sourcing. So if you want to build a smart phone or a supertanker you should read Vivek Sood’s new masterpiece on outsourcing.
Supply Chain Executive Training By Global Supply Chain Group
Wayne Mansfield
Business Strategist and founder

What exactly is covered in the masterclass
on artificial intelligence in supply chain ?

When it comes to, fast decision-making, faster cycle times, faster operations, and faster continuous improvement. Artificial intelligence in the supply chain is here to stay and make waves in the years to come. 
In today’s connected digital world, reducing uncertainty is the top priority across industries to maximize productivity. Due to the increasing demand for supersonic speed and efficiencies between suppliers and business partners of all types, the industries must leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

To address this growing demand for artificial intelligence in Supply Chain and logistics, Global Supply Chain Group has created a MASTERCLASS to answer all the question you might have about the use of artificial intelligence in Supply Chain, such as:  

What are the advantages of integrating AI in supply chain environment?

What is the cost involved in adopting Artificial intelligence

What businesses can benefit from artificial intelligence?

What are the current applications of AI in SCM?

Masterclass on artificial intelligence
in supply Chain - Course Highlights

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