COO’s Action Guide to Supply Chain Methodologies


Due to considerable overlap between operations and supply chains, there is frequent confusion leading to inaction or confusing action. Have you ever wondered:

  • So where are the boundaries between the two?
  • How are these two supposed to interact and support each other?
  • Is there an ideal situation where both operations and supply chain perform their roles to get the best outcomes for the company?
  • How can supply chain teams get the best out of operations teams, and vice versa?
  • What organisation structure would be required to do so?

If you have frequently encountered problems due to lack of clarity on these questions, and other similar questions, read the full description of this report below to see if this will be useful for you.



COO’s Action Guide to Supply Chain Methodologies

COOs are strong operations persons, generally very close to the CEOs in their companies. They are also most times seen as the stand-in for the CEOs and in many cases do the leg work for the CEOs.

They are extremely good in tactical execution of the decisions and are efficiency-driven and cost-focused in their approach to decision making. In many cases, they are akin to the XO in the military setting, or chief officer of the ship – day-to-day in charge of operations.

In most cases, they have come up through the ranks, mainly in operations but might have spent some time in finance, sales or marketing. That is why they have very good knowledge of the entire business and can stand-in for the CEO when required.

Despite having good supply chain knowledge, there are several reasons most COOs never succeed in getting the best value out of their supply chains. Also, many boards see their COOs as weak in innovation, B2B collaboration and product phasing. Finally, most COOs lack the knowledge of full potential of their own supply chains, and the way to differentiate a good supply chain from a great supply chain.

This report discusses reasons for these shortcomings, and ways to overcome them.

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