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Both are equally important. Without the desire, there is no impetus. Without the platform, you are left with ineffective traditional methods.

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in Supply Chain Management

The Foundations 

of Supply Chain Managment

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in Supply Chain Managment

How would you take your
Supply Chain to its next level
in 2023 and beyond?
How Can you get your supply chain up to date in a fast changing industry?

Is there something you can learn from the competitors’ supply chain? What can you learn from the players outside your industry?

Where are the customers going? How can you position your company to be there?

Where are your supply chain weaknesses, and which industry, company or group excels in those areas? What can you learn from them, and how can you adapt that supply chain learning?

What else could happen that could disrupt your supply chain as badly as covid did?

What supply chain scenarios are probable, and what do you need to prepare for those? What supply chain scnenarios are possible, and what do you need to ensure survival?

Where to focus within your supply chain Executive Training?

Every supply chain has room for improvement at almost all the supply nodes. However, out of these only a few improvement points are pivotal.

What is hurting your supply chain's performance right now?

 It is possible that the root cause of underperformance is well hidden and not easily apparent.

How to best collaborate in your supply Chain?

When it comes to collaboration, executives go from one extreme to another. It is rare to see a measured approach to win-win collaboration.


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Recent post

Supply Chain Executive Training - FAQs

There is a large body of young graduates who are starting to explore a supply chain career due to increasing salaries and prestige attached to a real knowledge base in this field.

The best way to enter the field is to find an internship, or a job in one of the companies that are regarded as the thought leaders in this field. You might have to work very hard because these companies get to their position only by hard work, but you will learn a lot in short period of time. It will be like joining GE in the 90s or joining McKinsey in the 00s. 

Many people ask these questions as the number of new entrants in this growing field increases exponentially. We have written a simple guide for them called – Everything That You Want To Know About a Supply Chain Career, which is available for a price of a drink ($9). 

The best way to get better at supply chain management is to work with companies that are already excellent at supply chain management. This includes businesses such as Amazon, or consultants such as our company

Beware of companies that still confuse supply chains with logistics, or are stuck in the first or second generations of supply chain management. Unfortunately, a large majority of companies and consultants are in this category and you are likely to get steered in the wrong direction if you do not do your own due diligence. 

If you have a question about any company, leave a comment below, or contact us privately and we will be happy to give you our opinion. 

In late 1970s, Keith Oliver and his team, while working for a client in Europe at management consulting firm Booz Allen and Hamilton, conceptualised supply chain management.

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