Sink or Swim Report – How Information Technology Can Make or Break Your Supply Chain and Your Business


How Information Technology can Save or Ruin Supply Chains?

This report discusses how businesses and Global Supply Chains have evolved over the period of the last 30 years, and how the Information Technology systems have morphed along with the evolution in the Supply Chain paradigm. This report is based on the proprietary research, interviews with more than 100 key industry executives, original case studies, IT system and process mapping, and original analysis by top-tier strategy consultants in the field of supply chain management. It gives a holistic view of the supply chains systems through the various decades, traces how business and IT systems have always moved in lock-step with each other and creates a viable map for the future of IT systems and businesses as they move towards a common goal. It also takes into account the trends, the capabilities, the changing business needs, and geo-political realities to create a holistic view of Global Supply Chains and associated systems.


The report enables the executives to ask the right Supply Chain Management related questions for their business. The answers to these questions will help your business and Supply Chain create sustainable competitive advantage through IT. This report answers the following key questions on top of every executive’s mind:

  1. Why Information Technology is where it is? How has it evolved into a massive cost burden in most organisations?
  2. What can we do to make sure that Information Technology is a key enabler of business processes that drive our competitive advantage?
  3. What outdated supply chain models or IT systems might be holding our business back?
  4. What are the new supply chain models and associated information technology related thinking that will provide the impetus for our future growth?
  5. How can we deploy supply chain systems to gain outstanding global supply chain advantage for future?


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