CMOs’ Guide to Getting The Best Out Of Your Supply Chain


The supply chain is frequently blamed for customer unhappiness, especially when fulfilment falls short. Yet few marketing professionals know how to get the best performance out of their supply chain. The reason is simple – they do not know their own role in the bigger scheme of things that leads the supply chain team to perform the way they do.

Marketing and sales bring all the money that a company earns. All the supply chain team has to do is deliver the goods where the customers want and keep the costs reasonably low so that the customers are happy and the company makes a decent profit.

Why is this simple task so hard? Clearly, sales and marketing teams cannot jump in start making or delivering the goods themselves. But does not mean that there is nothing they can do to keep the supply chain teams on track?

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CMOs’ Guide to Getting The Best Out Of Your Supply Chain

As the name implies this guide is mainly intended for the CMOs, heads of sales, and other professionals working in marketing and sales who are often frustrated by the performance, (or, in their words – lack of performance) of supply chains in their companies.

Is there anyone else who might find this guide useful? Supply chain professionals may find that gifting this guide to their sales and marketing counterparts would improve the dialogue considerably because suddenly both sides understand each other a lot better.

Sales and marketing are the rainmakers in the company. They bring in the cash, and they bring in the customer insights. Nobody knows the customers as well as they do. They have a good feel for what sells, how to sell, who to sell to, and at what price? They always make sure they make money on every sale.

When a customer, or a product, or a sale does not yield profit, it is natural to find a way to plug the hole.

Part of the reason is that most boards understand the difference between a meticulous accountant and a sloppy one. Similarly, most boards know intuitively when they are dealing with a scrupulous lawyer, and when they are dealing with an unethical one. However, differentiation between a great supply chain and one that is not so great is not so clear to anyone in the company.

The result is disastrous not only for the supply chain team, but also for the company.

What is the best way to rectify this situation? Read this report to find out more.

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