Global Supply Chain Group’s Guide to Supply Chain Security


Have you ever wondered:

  • Why do most people feel the need for supply chain security only when it is too late?
  • If there is a comprehensive supply chain security framework that covers all aspects of supply chain security – starting from the threats to risk evaluation, to the categorisation of threats, to regulations covering supply chain security, to allies, to elements of supply chain security, to impact on the business of security related decisions, to technologies to ROI and an action plan?
  • Who are you allies in the supply chain in security?
  • Which threat cannot be anticipated because it is far too covert?
  • What are the technologies that are available for supply chain security but rarely deployed?
  • What is the impact of business decisions on supply chain security?
  • What are the barriers to supply chain security, and how to overcome them?
  • Why information security is the most important threat?

It is common knowledge that no one feels the need for supply chain security until it is too late. Unfortunately, by that time it has hurt the company and the careers of people involved if they cannot prove that they took adequate steps to follow the company policy, AND, the exercise of their own good judgement.

For this reason, even if your company as a robust supply chain security policy which you follow diligently, you still need to read the full description and table of contents of this report below in order to see if it is useful for you, or not.

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Global Supply Chain Group’s Guide to Supply Chain Security

Threats to supply chain security are growing

COVID-19 is not the only challenge on the horizon, but it has created a number of additional challenges. The globalisation of supply chains has been questioned a lot in recent years, but unfortunately, there are no easy solutions to roll back the globalisation. With growing digitisation of corporations and virtualisation of the supply chains, the threats to supply chain security are only growing.  dangers lurk everywhere – not just digital, but also real life. Traditional threats such as fraud, child labour, poor labour practices, malicious damage, stealing of information, thefts of products, ideas, IP, and money have not yet disappeared. New threats to supply chain security are emerging every day – there are possibilities of hacking and data thefts all around the corner.

The scrutiny is growing

No one expects you to completely secure a supply chain. Everyone expects you to prove that you did everything that was possible to make a supply chain secure. That is especially true after a security breach event.

Supply chain security is for everyone in the company

In particular, Supply chain managers, CEOs, CFOs, others charged with supply chain security will benefit from this report. Anyone whose company or career outcomes will be affected by the lack of supply chain security should get hold of this report.

a comprehensive framework

This report provides a detailed explanation of each element of supply chain security and how to achieve supply chain security. You will be able to make your supply chain as secure as it can possibly be made in face of unknown threats.

Use this report for guidance and checklist

use it as workshop material. go through it with your team and note responses to brainstorm questions.

You will thank yourself later

Sooner or later every supply chain is going to experience an occasional lapse, because that is the nature of these things. When that happens, you will need to prove that you have full record of a comprehensive series of steps to make your supply chain as secure as you could possibly do prior to the event.

An addition to your company’s security protocol

Your company probably already has a security protocol in place for various parts of the supply chain. This guide covers all aspects of supply chain security comprehensively. Read the full table of contents here in case you have any doubts.

Get Peace of mind

If your supply chain security is a relatively tame affair, you can even use this guide start from scratch and build up a full set of supply chain security protocol. On the other hand, if you already have a relatively good level of supply chain protocol, use this information to validate what you already have, and if there are any gaps in the coverage.

You do not have to live with the doubt

Supply chain security is not the top of the mind agenda in the commercial excellence-driven corporate environment. That is why most boards are reluctant to release extra budgets for supply chain security-related projects. A sense of insecurity, ambiguity, doubtful board, constrained budgets, piecemeal approach to security pervades the company in these environments.

The professional way to transform the situation

Achieve board buy-in, good supply chain security budgets, a methodical approach using a comprehensive and provable track record of security measures. Avoid the constant fear and insecurity emanating from a supply chain you are not sure of.

These points were brought home to us when about 2 decades ago, a ship full of explosives sank and brought home the importance of supply chain security to us in a spectacular manner. Luckily our clients avoided the Beirut Port style explosion in the middle of a heavily populated waterway. However, having seen the repercussions we are sure that not many executives would want to live through a similar experience. Our conclusion was that pro-active and dynamic risk management based approach to supply chain security was essential and most companies lacked it due to a passive and static approach to risk. That is how this report was born.

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