Five Steps to Real Supply Chain Leadership


Based on our acclaimed book The 5-STAR Business Network supplements the content with audio content and outlines the five key elements of a breakthrough supply chain that can turn an ordinary supply chain manager into a true supply chain leader.



There are two types of conductors – a bus conductor, and an orchestra conductor.

A supply chain leader can be either of those two people in the company. Over the years we have seen thousands of organisation and supply chains but only a few of them had real leaders acting like an orchestra conductor creating a melodious symphony.

A great majority of supply chain leaders were acting more like a bus conductor – clipping tickets as the handed out logistics contracts to the service providers.

What does it take to become a real supply chain leader? Our book The 5-STAR Business Network provides a very detailed answer in writing.

This course is based on that content – and supplements it with suitable audio recording in many places.

If you aim to become a real supply chain leader at some point in time, this is a thought-provoking course with more than adequate content to place you there. It might even take you beyond if you play your cards right.

Now, if you do not know anyone who could be in such a situation then clearly this course is not useful for you and you can click here to explore other valuable content on this website.


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