Advanced Strategic Outsourcing


Anyone can outsource – but few people can outsource well. That is the difference between strategic outsourcing and merely outsourcing.

Before you embark on a long journey of creating and managing a complex (or relatively simple) relationship with your outsourced service provider, read the full description of this course below and decide if it is for you, or not.



Outsourcing is simple – you ask three companies for a tender, and then choose the one you like the most.
Then why do so many outsourcing contracts fail?
What goes wrong so often that despite their best intentions to progress their careers, and benefit their companies, managers end up making fatal career mistakes?
There are things you should never outsource. There are other things that you should outsource carefully. Finally, there are things that you should always outsource.
How do you decide which is which?
Once you decide this question – the next one is equally important. How to outsource?
There are so many different possibilities.
advanced strategic outsourcing
Which one will suit you best? What is the difference between them all? How do you put any of them in practice?
If you want answer to these, and many other questions that can make or break your company, and your career, get this course based on our highly acclaimed book  OUTSOURCING 3.0


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