Proficient Global Supply Chain Leaders’ Advanced Techniques


Most board directors know the difference between a good lawyer and a bad lawyer. They even know the difference between a good accountant and a bad accountant. But most board directors don’t know the difference between a good supply chain, and bad one – unless you show it to them in practice.

That is why advanced techniques of global supply chain leaders will resonate with most people only when they see them in practice. Yet, they are vitally important for those supply chains who are now reaching a plateau in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Have you sometimes wondered

  • Why many companies reach a certain level in their supply chain productivity and then start slipping back?
  • What makes the complacency set in as soon as the quarterly budgets are within reach?
  • What is the real peak potential of your company’s supply chain?
  • Why some leaders succeed in taking their supply chains to new heights every few years while others start marking time?
  • What great supply chains look like?
  • How to design your company’s path towards its version of a great supply chain?

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Proficient Global Supply Chain Leaders’ Advanced Techniques

This report is for those leaders of global supply chain groups who have sufficient experience to start thinking of the next advances in supply chain management so that they can take their supply chains from good to great. The foundations of the supply chain are covered in other reports. If you are not sure whether you have covered the foundations of supply chain completely or not, it is worth getting hold of that report as well.

This report will only cover the advanced techniques that lead a supply chain from good to great. For foundations of supply chain management – the course that takes ordinary supply chains to good supply chains, buy this report.

Most supply chains stagnate when they reach a certain level of efficiency and effectiveness. This is akin to a car hitting its peak RPM in a certain gear, and the need to shift the gear to a higher gear to move it faster after that.

Unfortunately, supply chains do not have a well-recognised gearing system that allows the supply chain leaders to move to the next gear when they hit the peak with their current supply chain models. Only a few supply chain leaders manage to break free of the peak and move to the next level by using their own ingenuity and a process of trial and error.

Over the past three decades, we have worked alongside several such leaders and codified this knowledge as five generations of supply chain management. Advanced techniques come from the latest generations of the supply chain and help to move your supply chain to the next level.

To get a sneak preview of what we are talking about in this guide, take a look at the table below:

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