Powerful Supply Chains, Powerful Careers, Powerful Corporations


Why have powerful supply chains, powerful careers and powerful corporations?

  • Why do some supply chain leaders become top CEOs while most others barely make it past logistics management?
  • Why do some supply chains take away most of the profits in their industries, while others barely get by?
  • Why do some corporations make the best of their supply chains while most others struggle to control it as if they got the tiger by the tail?

The truth is that all three points are very closely related, even though most people do not recognise them to be such. Corporations become powerful when their supply chains are powerful. Great careers are also powered by great supply chains.

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Powerful Supply Chains, Powerful Careers, Powerful Corporations

Every corporation, every supply chain, every career is going through an upheaval right now

COVID is changing everything we know about supply chains. The biggest trend we are observing is that the supply chains are becoming segregated into two extremes – very good and very bad. The same thing is happening to the corporations that run those supply chains, and the careers of the people who manage them.

This is the time to move forward

No one is condemned to the bad supply chains, or bad careers or bad corporations forever. Anyone can make a decision to change things at any time and start taking steps to move from the one extreme to the other. The journey is neither easy not short – but it is worth it for those who invest time and money in it.

A guide for the corporate savvy leaders

This guide is for those executives who want to design their company’s journey from an ordinary supply chain to good one, or good supply chain to a great one. Everything else will generally fall in place when they are successful in this journey. The corporations will be successful as a result of this journey, and the careers will follow where the corporations go.

How to change things for positive

If you are one of the target audiences for the report, you will find it useful to design your journey from an ordinary supply chain to good one, or good supply chain to a great one. You will get the bio-markers differentiating a powerful supply chain from a powerless supply chain. You will get guidelines on diagnosing your own supply chain, and for designing your version of a powerful supply chain. You should be able to create milestones along the journey towards a powerful supply chain.

Wise choice for alert players

Do not expect this to be a step by step prescriptive guide. Each supply chain is different, each personality is unique, and each company faces its own challenges. Only they know the true reality, and sometimes even they are partially blindsided by the noise in the environment. Once you use an objective standard and know where you are, you also discover the blind spots in your radar screen. Then it is a time to formulate your own roadmap for the journey ahead. This guide will provide information to help you do that.

Powerful Supply Chains

Dominate your industry, set the price umbrella under which everyone else in the industry works,  take away most of the profit in your industry, set the standards for others to follow, build an impenetrable moat around your profitability.

Powerful Corporations

Meet or exceed the shareholder expectations every time, have a consistent and steady pipeline of winning new products, become the preferred company for the best people in the workplace, achieve consistently high results even in scrappy industries or perilous times.

Powerful Careers

Grow your career all the way to the top, be recognised by the peers, press and the leaders,  be rewarded for your results, achieve the pinnacle of corporate success.

Buy this guide when you are ready

Sooner or later people get tired of being powerless in their corporations, in their supply chains, and in their careers. Just because their supply chains were never paid much attention in the past does not mean that they have to continue to expect being on the losing end of the bargain for ever. Some people are keen to improve their company’s position in the industry, and when compared with other companies in leading industries. They want to take the ideas from the world’s leading supply chains, industries and corporations and adapt them in their own organisations. This report is only for those people.

Make a positive change

It helps you position your companies, your supply chains and your own careers within the winning circles.

What happens without Powerful Supply Chains, Powerful Careers, Powerful Corporations?

Have you seen a company with powerless supply chains – marginal supply chains barely functioning as box movers. Supply chain heads are more like the train conductors, rather than the orchestra conductors. Companies are visibly losing out on the benefits of supply chain integration and optimisation. You see signs all around your – a lot of wastage of resources – material, capacity and humanpower. Low profits and productivity are endemic. Unhappy customers, low respect from the suppliers, customers, supply chain partners and the industry become the norms in such a company.

How does Powerful Supply Chains, Powerful Careers, Powerful Corporations help?

Earn more respect from the suppliers, customers, supply chain partners and the industry peers, as well as your peers in the board room and bedroom. All these are essential for superior performance as the self-reinforcing cycle feeds on itself.

Powerless supply chains are ubiquitous and disquieting to watch

Over the past three decades we have closely observed more than 4000 supply chains in our clients’ companies and in their suppliers’ and customers’ company. Only a handful of them can be called truly powerful. The most common thing to see in the board-rooms is the powerless supply chain. Even in the rare case when peers are ready to hand over the power, the supply chain personnel do not know how to use it effectively for the company, and as a result end up losing it.

Gain power, use power and multiply power for your company’s good

This is not a course in political science, but at the highest level in the companies, all positive change can only be brought about by positive use of power. Supply chain is but a tool for helping you do so. This report is perhaps the best document outlining the details of this endeavour.


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