Masterclass for Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCO)


Have you ever wondered:

  • Why many CEOs see their Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) are their successors?
  • Some CSCOs are highly regarded in their companies why others are almost treated akin to a warehouse operator handling dispatch in their companies – what is the reason for this power disparity?
  • What are the critical skills required to succeed as a CSCO? You will be surprised by the answer to this question.
  • Why no school, no course, no seminar teaches these critical skills?
  • Why even the CSCOs who get to the answers, only stumble on it when someone else guides them to it?
  • What could CSCOs do to enhance their effectiveness and influence in the board rooms?
  • How to best handle each of your colleagues in the executive team and the board of directors?
  • Why many places still treat the CSCOs as the last among equals in the executive team?

If any of these questions ring true or make you feel uncomfortable, read the full description below to see if you would benefit from this guide.


Masterclass for Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)

As the name implies this masterclass is only for CSCOs in their companies. The numbers are strictly limited to make sure that each participant gets the best value out of this course.

It is indeed easier to become a CSCO, than to successfully function as one in a stress-free manner. We have thought long and hard about the causes for this stress and found that the power disparity that we observe in the board rooms between the sales and marketing on one side, finance on the second side and fulfilment and supply chain on the third side is vast and seemingly unbridgeable.

But that is not the only reason for difficulties that many CSCOs have in the executive meetings. This page is not the right place go into details of all these difficulties, or their root causes. But it is the right place to think about what you can do about the difficulties that you have. We cannot say that you will become a CEO just because you came to this masterclass, but this might set you on the right track to the future.

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