It is easy to summarise our approach developed over tens of massive business transformation projects in multi-billion dollar enterprises, and tested over nearly 400 projects of small and large size in five continents. 

To put this approach in practice you will need both – supply chain mastery, and, focused attention over the period of the project. 

The following graphic may give you more idea of the concrete approach that we have devised for large scale business transformations.

We are fanatical about doing whatever it takes to get our clients to where they want to be in their business transformation path. You can get a flavor for our key to success in this blog post.


For smaller supply chain optimization projects, our approach is a result of more than 60 years of combined experience in working with some of the best supply chain networks around the world. In very simple terms, it is a three-step approach, designed to achieve outstanding results in the shortest period of time.

Step 1: Know where to focus the attention

Step 2: Know how to make the biggest difference in the focused area

Step 3: Nail the problems

Step 1. We Quickly And Accurately Identify Points Of High Leverage In Your Supply Chain

  • What does it mean?

Points of high leverage are those areas of a supply chain where even small improvements will create outstanding benefits for the overall organisation.

  • How do we do it?

We use rigorous, data-driven approach to hypothesis-based problem solving.

  • Why do we do it?

To demonstrate outstanding benefits available to the organisation from supply chain optimization in the shortest period of time, and to conserve effort.

Step 2. We Work Out High Value, Pragmatic, Concrete Solutions

  • How Do We Do It?

    We choose the most suitable tools from our collection of proprietary business transformation methodologies and fully customise them to our client’s needs.

    Why Do We Do It?

    Our clients get the right treatment that deals with the right pain.

Step 3. We Implement The Solutions For Supply Chain Optimization

How Do We Do It?

  • Engage Stakeholders At All Levels Appropriately
  • Work out proper communications plans
  • Build in the right incentives
  • Design the team, management and steering group structure for implementation
  • Design the right measures of progress, report on an ongoing basis, build in an issue escalation resolution process
  • Objectively verify and communicate the bottom line benefits delivered

Why Do We Do It?

  • Our Senior Strategy Consultants Are Entirely Focused On Solving Our Clients’ Problems Rather Than Doing Administrative Work.
  • The results are monitored over time to ensure our implementation brings long-term business transformation benefits.

Having doubt if our approach is suitable for your business? Be sure to read our case studies, or speak to us confidentially today.


Our Clients say it better than we ever could:


Our Clients come from a variety of industries – yet they have a common element. They rarely rest on their laurels, and are always looking to do better.


In the last 20 years we have completed more than 500 projects. Click below to see a sample of our projects.