In the post COVID-19 era, more than even before, the business world is in search for answers to the problems created during the last several decades. No doubt, those who created the problems in the first place will also offer their solutions. However, better solutions will come from outside those ranks. 

Every couple of decades powerful juxtaposition of the trends leads to unique and revolutionary way of commerce. Contrary to the portrayal by the gushing accounts and adulation of the commentators, most pioneers merely stumble on the these trends by a process of trial and error. Other companies, the more nimble and hungry ones, follow the pioneers closely and build strong businesses in their lead. More established companies then follow suit and try and recover lost ground using their financial muscle and market power  sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing in this. Many other companies are so caught up in hubris of their past success or internal politics or some other such attention sapping device that they fail to move at all, or move too late, often with disastrous consequences.

The biggest trend sweeping the world – business and non-business – today is networking.  Analysts, pundits and business school professors are still debating what entitles Facebook, Uber and AirBnB to the kind of valuation they enjoy. Clearly COVID-19 has created even more question marks on those valuations. 

This book is, however, about The 5-STAR Networks that run the modern business world.

Is your company fully reaping the rewards of the effort put into all the activities within the company? Are you happy with the results – sales, profits, costs, competitive positioning, new product pipelines, supplier performance and other myriad details of your company’s business?

This books is for every executive, every CEO, every manager and every management student – no matter which business they are working in, and which part of the business they are working in.

I can scarcely think of a business situation in which at least some of the concepts of this book will not lead to a massive and positive shaking up of the status quo. After all progress is all about shaking up and discarding the tired, old and obsolete ways of thinking and doing things.


A lot of material in this book comes from what we have learnt and applied in our business and our clients’ businesses from these business networks. The trend towards ‘freelance economy’ is just starting to make news. Even executives with decades of loyalty to a single company do not think in terms of jobs any more – much of the work  in corporations is now oriented around projects. The teams of people working on a project within a corporation can come from a multitude of companies, or from a growing pool of freelancers.

Business schools, economists, think tanks and researchers are starting to take notice and will, no doubt, over a period of time produce reams of paper covering the freelance economy from all angles. A lot of concepts and their applications that are covered in this book are very new – and will stimulate the research referred to above. I make no apologies for the relative newness of the material and for not having hundreds of case examples backing up every conclusion. By the time that kind of research would be conducted, the trends will have moved further and the conclusions will be merely of historic interest to most executives who live their lives on the leading edge and are the intended audience of this book. If some of the concepts of this book stimulate academic research, I do ask that they be properly acknowledged.

This book should spur thinking about how to design your own business model that works for your circumstances. It is about newer ways of doing things – based on observations from real world. It is not based on study of countless subjects in a university laboratory; in real life no such laboratories exist. Neither is it based on countless interviews with executives and managers. Most executives and managers are too busy fighting the fires in their own business and have little time to think much beyond how to make the quarterly numbers. Those who do think in this realm, occasionally or regularly, do tend to make themselves known through their writings, speeches and general interaction with academics and thinkers. Several anecdotes as well as concepts in this book are based on such interactions. Some of them are from client situations and business cases that I have worked on personally.

If you are deeply passionate about the world of business and supply chain networks as I am, and enjoy digging answers to critical questions that will help build and steer your business with wisdom, then join me. This book is a journey of exploration through the world of business networks that run along the veins of today’s commercial world.

Vivek Sood


  • Why did Apple sue Samsung while it continues to buy critical parts for its winning products from Samsung?
  •  Why did Google create Android OS for mobile applications, and is now talking about opening its own retail stores?
  •  Why did Amazon create Kindle when the market is already saturated by other tablets and similar products?
  • How did Nokia mobile phone lose its shine?
  •  Why did Apple build its own retail presence?
  •  How will shale gas discoveries in North America change the business world and perhaps the geo-political balance in the next 10 years ?

Win big time by using WISDOM of your BUSINESS NETWORKS to create, INNOVATE, DELIVER and PROFIT.

Read this book to find out how.


Not everyone is the CEO yet. On the other hand, a bright soul wrote that every manager is the CEO of his own personal brand. In either case, everyone who runs a business needs handle on their supply chain and business network.

This book is meant for anyone who is intrigued about how to use their business network and supply chain to its best effect. Those who want to move beyond the traditional supply chains and multiply their profits by using the full power of the 5-STAR business network will find this book especially useful. 

On buying this book you will become a valuable part of our 5-STAR Business Network, so naturally  we should attend to your every legitimate request. Please ask (email: [email protected]) and we will get it signed by the Author. If it is meant as a gift for a valued client, customer or supplier, do not forget to include their name in the request. Do not forget that if you buy from us you will get the hardcopy, full colour, premium paper VIP version of the same book that is available at bookstores worldwide.

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It is a pretty thick book, and spans a broad body of knowledge about practical application of supply chains at their highest purpose. It is full of case stories, anecdotes and examples.  If we have summarise a central theme of the book, it is the following:

“Only 24% of the business transformations succeed, unless the CEOs and transformation strategists take a holistic perspective such as the 5-star business network approach, which triples the success rate. in speaking face to face with 1709 CEOs and leaders around the globe IBM found that partnering and business network is the single most important topic of interest. you need the 5-STAR business network to get the best value out of partnering. 

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It is a very impressive looking book to keep on your desk or bookshelf. It will arouse the curiosity, even envy, of your peers and colleagues. 

On a more serious note, it will help you question why spend billions of dollars on creating business infrastructure? For consistent value, how to build resilient business networks and supply chains instead. 5-STAR in the title refers to 5 key benefits derived from 5 themes of the book  that detail How to turn intangibles into real profits:

  1. Fire-Aim-Ready Innovation for certainty? Why innovation should never be a hit-or-miss affair.
  2. $eed-to-$tore ($2$) Efficiency For Cash Creation. How to systematically generate more cash, faster – use the right tools. 
  3. Transaction Optimisation Profitability For Beneficial Growth. How to turn unprofitable transactions into profitable transactions by leveraging big data. 
  4. Launch one bestseller after another. How to use Advanced Product Phasing to create series of products. Do not remain a one-hit wonder. 
  5. Outsourcing Is No Longer A Dirty Word. How to use it strategically to win in the high stakes game of globalisation?