Our Quick Notes On Supply Chain Restructuring


Part of our new “Quick Notes” series – this report answers your most pertinent questions of the topic.

Do not be deceived by their short nature – these notes are only 25 pages or so. But these are 25 pages of potent dynamite that will supercharge your thinking in the right direction.

Included are quick notes and some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on supply chain restructuring that we have encountered in our workshops, seminars, and other forums.

  • What is supply chain restructuring?
  • How do supply chain restructuring projects differ from other supply chain improvement projects or supply chain cost reduction projects?
  • What does everyone immediately think about organisational restructure whenever supply chain restructuring is mentioned?
  • What are the benefits of supply chain restructuring?
  • What are the risks of supply chain restructuring?
  • Can you make it real by giving us some examples of supply chain restructuring projects?
  • When we should carry out supply chain restructuring, and when we should not carry out supply chain restructuring?
  • Are internal teams enough for supply chain restructuring? When should we look for external help for supply chain restructuring?
  • What are some general guidelines for successful supply chain restructuring projects?
  • Who should lead a supply chain restructuring project?
  • What magnitude of expenses are normal for a supply chain restructuring project which will saving x amount of dollars?
  • What kind of help is available externally for supply chain restructuring projects, and what value does it bring?
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If you do not act on what you know, then you have no advantage over the person who does not know what you know. Feel free to ask more questions if your particular question is not answered in these notes.

Why we are qualified to write these notes?

Over the last three decades we have led and worked on more than 500 projects in supply chain restructuring in dozens of industries and countries.

VERY FEW PEOPLE KNOW SUPPLY CHAINS LIKE WE DO – Retail, beverages, food, milk, dairy, meat, livestock, explosives, chemicals, cotton, rice, graphite, solar power, natural gas, crude oil, fertilizers, electronics, packaging, glass manufacturing, machine parts, automobiles, industrial goods, mining, etc are just some of the industries where boards and executives have benefited from our proprietary knowledge. 

Since when no one had heard of supply chain, our co-founder Vivek Sood has been considered one of the most authoritative professionals in the field when it comes to the subject of supply chains restructuring in his clients’ corporations in Australia, Asia, North America, South America and Europe.

He has written four seminal books about restructuring supply chains to gain massive advantage in business. He also regularly delivers keynote speeches at business schools and conferences such as University of Technology Sydney, Supply Chain Asia, Asian Bankers Forum, APEC Business Advisory Council.

He has been quoted in the authoritative business press and over 100 academic papers written by supply chain researchers around the world. Vivek and his team have examined thousands of supply chains during their projects over the last three decades and helped hundreds of executives build safe, cost effective and sustainable supply chains and careers.


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